About Us

Business Telecoms is the leading software editor in Africa, providing innovative solutions to help telecom operators, organizations and businesses design and operate world-class networks using our technologies and methods of exploiting the data values produced by their network systems and equipment’s.
Founded in 2015, BUSINESS TELECOMS is a growing software company. Our head office is in Nouakchott –Mauritania and we have a commercial point in Dubai.
In today’s ecosystem, market conditions are more dynamic, challenging and complex. Customers are better informed and more demanding. Communications service providers need to anticipate needs.
Operators and digital service providers must offer innovative products and services and offer a tailored and scalable customer experience while managing efficient business operations and facing increasing price pressure and competition.
Operators can identify and adapt the behavior of the network and subscribers in real time. With our TIMIRIS products, organizations have the power of an automated platform that allows them to better understand their data to accelerate and make more informed decisions.

In highly competitive and well-equipped markets such as telephony, maintaining its customer base is an ongoing challenge. In particular, telecom operators need to boost their retention mechanisms.
Identifying these resigning customers is a common practice, but it is only the basis of an effective customer retention strategy.
Once, Marketing must find the right way to retain them through a unique and personalized customer experience.
By determining the communication channels to favor and by broadcasting personalized and targeted messages.
BUSINESS TELECOMS Via its TIMIRIS Solutions, opens the way to optimal efficiency. They enable the implementation of predictive marketing through targeting algorithms, scoring and segmentation, for a better anticipation of behaviors and expectations of customers.
The goal is to retain the customer in return for a higher value-added offer through a suitable commercial gesture that facilitates the move upmarket.
The cost per customer retained is certainly high, but in all cases remains much lower than the cost of a customer cancellation.
BUSINESS TELECOMS is a provider of business support solutions and a trusted partner. We will help you boost your business in a fast growing environment.
We offer BSS solutions oriented B to B and B to C:

 Customer loyalty management, customer experience
 Revenue Management, and Digital Monetization
 Fraud Management Solution
 Billing Solutions
 Self Care Solutions B to B
 Geomarketing solution

Under the TIMIRIS brand, we present reliable, cost-effective and operator-class solutions.
Our products are highly customizable and can be modified to suit all requirements and environments.
TIMIRIS service platforms will help operators retain their subscribers, increase revenues and strengthen their positions in a highly competitive market.
You benefit from a dedicated pre-sales and after-sales service and our commitment to provide the best possible service.